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P2P lending platform
secured by crypto

P2P lending platform
secured by crypto

Enjoy the advantages of instant borrowing or lending secured by crypto. Discover attractive terms and low transaction costs here. Share your experiences, get excellent service support, and make your life and business better with LendaBit.com!

For Borrower For Lender

Our Advantages:

P2P lending platforms have long become a part of the financial world, with many people using them on a regular basis. Lenders and borrowers flocked to these platforms, as they are much faster and more convenient than traditional financial institutions.

  • Affordable and competitive interest rates
  • Blockchain-based P2P platform with no intermediaries
  • Advanced security and reliability of your collateral

How It Works

  • Register within a minute
  • Make a deposit
  • Confirm the loan terms and your loan is ready

Do You Know Why LendaBit.comIs The Most Trusted Platform?

  • P2P lending platform has been designed in full compliance with best practices and recommendations from recognized experts, notably OWASP models and standards.
  • Distributed access management system eliminates hacks and thefts of cryptocurrencies.
  • Employment of innovative blockchain-based technology for web development.
  • Additional layer of security is provided by two-factor authentication.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention tools, system monitoring, multiple levels of protection make successive attacks highly improbable.
  • All transactions are verified and analyzed by investigative tools powered by crystalblockchain.com

Facts And Figures

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Seed Investor

Peer-to-peer crypto lending has proved to be a perspective and attractive financial tool for a multitude of lenders and borrowers, and Marat Kichikov, Managing Partner of BitFury Capital, together with top executives of the collaborative investment fund gave their credence to fintech startup LendaBit.com and became the seed investors of the novice firm.

P2P lending platform LendaBit.com has managed to unite highly qualified professionals who specialize in finance, risk management, blockchain technology and secure profile provisioning architecture with an aim to create an excellent, easy and transparent platform for lenders and borrowers.

BitFury Capital supports the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem and facilitates further dynamics of development of blockchain-based companies. Having BitFury Capital’s top management as the seed investors is a terrific step towards adoption of innovative solutions and implementation of a unique mix of fintech expertise and global market intelligence.

Our Team

  • Marat Kichikov
    Marat Kichikov
    Managing Partner of BitFury Capital
    Marat Kichikov is Managing Partner of BitFury Capital and the seed investor of LendaBit.com. He has more than 20 years of experience in banking.
  • Deniss Moscenko
    Deniss Moscenko
    Deniss Moscenko is CEO at LendaBit.com and he’s been in asset and risk management for 21 years in one of the top Latvian banks.
  • Agustín Fernández Clemente
    Agustín Fernández Clemente
    Head of Spain
    Agustín Fernández Clemente is an experienced entrepreneur and accomplished investor who is majorly focused on fintech ventures and ambitious startups.
  • Igor Kovorotny
    Igor Kovorotny
    COO/Product Owner
    Igor Kovorotny is COO/Product Owner at LendaBit.com with hands-on experience in business management, product development and strategic planning.
  • Alex Maznyi
    Alex Maznyi
    Project Manager
    Alex Maznyi is a result-oriented Project Manager at LendaBit.com who is capable of setting long-term goals and achieving the planned outcome.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

  • Why use the LendaBit.com platform?
    The platform has been designed to remove all unnecessary steps from the lending process, and thus provide more attractive terms for both lenders and borrowers. The customer interface and the data processing behind it are structured so as to support prompt and secure transactions. Normally, making the loan should require just a few clicks.
  • Are LendaBit.com loans secured?
    LendaBit.com loans are secured by crypto collateral provided by borrowers. The crypto collateral value is monitored on an ongoing basis to make sure the loan amount is covered by the collateral at all times. Borrowers are requested to add crypto to their collateral if their collateral value decreases.
  • How is the interest on loans calculated?
    Interest is calculated based on the formula: daily interest = loan amount * interest rate / 360, where 360 is used for the number of days in the year no matter what the actual number (365 or 366) is.
  • How quickly can the loan be made?
    Lenders are ready to make loans as soon as they have registered on the platform and provided a deposit. Borrowers are ready to apply for loans as soon as they have registered on the platform and provided crypto collateral. Normally, this will require just a few clicks.

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