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About Us

The rise of the blockchain and cryptomarkets represents a huge paradigm shift for entire industries. In finance, a new space is emerging that draws on the cutting edge distributed ledger protocols, and peer-to-peer interaction.

LendaBit.com is a fintech startup created by professionals with a unique mix of blockchain-based project experience, financial expertise, and global market intelligence. We are confident that distributed ledgers, blockchain-powered services, and smart contracts will give rise to an entirely new digital world. This world will be a more convenient, friendly, secure, and prosperous space.

LendaBit.com is willing to bring the benefits of this new digital space to our customers. We are inspired by a breathtaking market opportunity – a kind that only occurs once in several generations. This opportunity comes from the value locked in crypto holdings worldwide. The value is huge, and the potential of crypto-based operations is really amazing for all parties involved – the tech industry, lenders, businesses, and individuals.

Our mission is to deliver a top-class online lending platform. In doing this, we heavily rely on our visionary management, on the seamless processes we create, and on trends and expectations of the market.

For lenders, the platform will help maximize their return from a reliable, blockchain secured lending tool. Crypto holders will get access to virtually unlimited sources of cash, while keeping their assets for future growth. With our platform, we will enhance the lives of businesses and individuals, and empower them in their move to a brighter digital future!

Our business model provides for the highest standard of technological excellence, user experience, and crypto security. Secure platform architecture will protect customers over the whole loan life. Besides LendaBit.com-powered functionality, users will also enjoy the benefits of other blockchain-based platforms like crystalblockchain.com and exonum.com that will be incorporated into our services.

The digital future is arriving. Welcome it with LendaBit.com! Your success will become a brilliant point in a magnificent future digital landscape!

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