Due to seamless business integration between LendaBit.com and Capitalist, a global internet payment system and a universal tool for comfortable usage of multiple digital currencies, all LendaBit.com platform users have an excellent opportunity to take loans in USD! That is awesome!

Having a single Capitalist account allows making payments to e-wallets, bank accounts and credit cards. It is no longer necessary to open separate accounts and use multiple payment systems — Capitalist is the best solution to satisfy your borrowing needs.

To take a loan in USD on LendaBit.com, simply select the currency “USD” from the dropdown list in the “Wallet > Withdraw” section and that is all about it! The only requirement for fiat withdrawals in USD on LendaBit.com is that you are required to have an open account on Capitalist.net. This way you can withdraw funds in USD, convert either in other fiat currency or cryptocurrency — it is incredibly smart and easy! Get your crypto loan on LendaBit.com and convert it to fiat on Capitalist! Easy, fast and reliable services guaranteed.

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