P2P lending platform LendaBit.com never stops at the achieved results and is pleased to present a new option on the website for those customers who have not passed the verification process yet.

From now on, all unverified users have an excellent possibility to test the functionality of the LendaBit.com services and personally ascertain how the whole lending process is automated, short-cycled and secure. Specifically, all unverified platform members can borrow crypto loans up to 300 USDT (!) once per day by using Loan Wizard. The set limits are 1 deal per day and 10 deals per month.

This is how it works:

  1. Log in to your LendaBit.com account.
  2. Once you have accessed your account, you are able to start borrowing.
  3. In the Loan Wizard area, press “Get Started.”
  4. Choose your preferred loan amount and/or collateral currency.
  5. Specify loan duration.
  6. The system will automatically make calculations (annual interest rate, loan amount and total repayment). It is worth noting that there are no hidden fees on LendaBit.com. If you are comfortable with the terms, proceed further by clicking “Next.”
  7. Enter your USDT wallet address to get the loan. Important Notice! Make sure to enter the USDT wallet address in the provided field. The loan will be automatically sent to the provided wallet address.
  8. Send BTC collateral to the provided BTC wallet address.
  9. The deal is completed. Please wait for 6 blockchain confirmations to finalize the transaction. When the deposited funds are processed, they are pledged as collateral. After that, the loan will be transferred to your LendaBit.com account wallet within 30 minutes.

As far as you can see, the platform allows all users to practically feel the advantages of crypto-backed lending, reliability of blockchain technology, advanced security system architecture and how it is easy to be successful while using P2P lending services with no intermediaries. Fair fees, super-fast loans and absence of bureaucracy make LendaBit.com an inseparable instrument in overcoming barriers to your most ambitious dreams.