Let’s take a closer look at how to borrow from loan pool.

Step 1

Let’s say you want to borrow 100 USDT for 1 year.

You can see that the system offers a one-year loan at 24% interest rate. So at the end of the loan term, you’ll have to repay 124.33 USDT. If it is okay with you, click “Get the Loan”.

Step 2

Here you can see the loan details, including the interest amount, the total repayment amount and the collateral amount you must pledge.

Double check the loan details and familiarize yourself with “Terms & Conditions”. Click the “Back” button if you want to correct anything.
If you agree with the loan details and the company terms, tick “I agree with Terms & Conditions” and click “Get the Loan”.
You loan deal has been made.

Step 3

To check your loan details, log in to your accout and click on “Deals & Requests”.