To borrow at the website, you can use an excellent feature called LoanBuilder. Here you will find all available borrowing options. All in all, there are presently 4 borrowing alternatives to choose from. To view them all, press the “Show All Offers” button.

All 4 borrowing options are as follows:

Loan Wizard

Borrow From Loan Pool

Make a Loan Request

Accept Loan Offers

Option 1.

Loan Wizard lets you get a loan in a matter of a few minutes. 4 easy steps and you already have your loan to cover any expenses!

Option 2.

Borrow From Loan Pool.

Here borrowers can find standard Loan Offers automatically generated by the system. Simply tap the “Get Loan” button and receive your loan.

Option 3.

To place your own Loan Request with terms and conditions specified exclusively by you, make use of the Make a Loan Request option.

Option 4.

Last but not least is Accept Loan Offers. You have an excellent opportunity to set filters, browse and choose any Loan Request placed by qualified lenders. It is incredibly easy and fast!