For many people worldwide, P2P lending is a key source of borrowing potential, more specifically to consolidate and/or refinance existing credit card and other debts at lower interest rates and flexible conditions. Demonstratively, if a high-quality borrower is eligible for an 8% P2P loan, it is far more appealing than a 14%-22% rate for a credit card balance transfer. P2P loans can reduce your interest rates and help kick-start your debt free future! It has never been easier to get a P2P loan, even on bad credit!

The loan application process on is easy. It can take less than 5 minutes to complete and you have funds for debt consolidation instantly. The whole process is automated and confidential, there are no pre-payment penalties and the borrower can individually adjust the preferred LTV ratio. P2P continue to be cheaper in comparison to conventional personal loans because they eliminate the middleman – the bank or credit union. Thus, online lending enables you to get out of debt faster and save money.

Do not lose a second of your life feeling distressed about overwhelming debts. With P2P lending services offered by, you can place all of your debts – credit cards, auto loans, student loans, etc. – into one easy to manage crypto loan. Debt consolidation will lower your interest rate and fees and help get out of debt quicker, so you can turn the page to the next chapter of your prosperous and happy life.

Get a cryptoloan in a few steps!

1. Go to the Loan Builder –
2. Select from 4 loan options or you can use Loan Wizard.
3. In the Loan Wizard, step by step, select the collateral currency, the loan amount, the loan term.
4. Make a deposit in the selected cryptocurrency to your wallet.
5. Credit funds will come to your account!