If you plan to make a couple of simple upgrades or construct an expensive new addition, but you do not have enough capital to implement the planned renovations, an online crypto loan at LendaBit.com is a solid way to get the funds you need, with terms that will not drain your wallet or affect your retirement account.

At LendaBit.com, you are able to apply for a 200 000 USDT loan and transform your home into a “high-tech” castle. Just imagine exquisite kitchen and bedroom makeovers, spa-like bathroom remodeling, guest room renovations and transformations, open grate and massive heart-of-oak mantelpiece installation, among others!

Some of the key features about P2P lending services encompass extreme transparency, reliability and affordability. As such, a well-thought home improvement project is an exciting opportunity to improve your quality of life, increase your home’s value and demonstrate your creativity to the full.

Feel free to make use of online P2P Loan Calculator, a handy instrument for automated calculations, which gives concise visuals to help determine all necessary variables.

Get a cryptoloan in a few steps!

  1. Go to the Loan Builder – https://lendabit.com/borrow
  2. Select from 4 loan options or you can use Loan Wizard.
  3. In the Loan Wizard, step by step, select the collateral currency, the loan amount, the loan term.
  4. Make a deposit in the selected cryptocurrency to your wallet.
  5. Credit funds will come to your account!

Important! In order to get your crypto loan the soonest possible, you are recommended to deposit crypto collateral in advance; available collateral currencies — BTC or ETH.