Affiliate Program is a program where you can receive rewards for bringing other people (Referrals) to

To join affiliate program please follow link –

To be eligible to participate in the Affiliate Program as a Referrer, the customer needs to have an active account on and agree to the Affiliate Program Terms of Use.

Referrer’s Reward builds up 20% of the System Fee received from the deal amount completed by the Referral.

Step 1

To join our Affiliate Program, log in to and click on “Affiliate”.

Step 2

You will see three tabs:

1. Dashboard

Affiliate Dashboard shows information on how many Referrals you have, how many deals they have initiated and your rewards.

2. Statistics

Affiliate Program Statistics shows the complete information on your Referrals, i.e. the number of clicks on your Affiliate link, the number of registrations, deals, conversion rates as well as the cryptocurrency amount you got for your Referrals on each day.
You can review statistics for a particular type of Referrals and date period.

3. Promo Materials

This is where you can find your Referral link. To join our Affiliate Program, just send that link to as many people as you can. The person following this link will get to home page and will be recognized by the system as your Referral.
If you have your own website, you can use our Affiliate banners. Each banner has its own HTML-link to make it easier to add the banner to your website.