Due to the main advantages of credit lines — flexibility, interest-free grace period, automated use and attractive annual interest rate, — they are in high demand among many borrowers. Let us describe the use of the new borrowing functionality.

1. Login to your account and navigate to the “Credit Line” tab.

2. The entire process of using credit lines can be described as follows.

Access to the credit line functionality is instantly available, and in order to borrow from the credit line, you need to have funds for collateral on your account balance. You can withdraw any amount within your credit line limit anytime. Grace period (a period of time beyond a credit due date during which no interest is charged) lasts for 45 days, and after its expiry, 22% annual interest rate shall apply.

3. All major information can be viewed here.


Credit Limit — maximum amount of funds you are eligible to borrow from the credit line.

Credit Line Debt — the amount you are obliged to repay and close the credit line.

Available Credit Funds — funds available from the credit line.

Interest Amount — interest amount charged for borrowing from the credit line after grace period expiry.

Grace Period — a length of time after the due date during which interest-free Credit Line repayment can be made. No late fees are charged and no risk of collateral transfer.

4. It is really that simple! You do not need to make any calculations or adjust LTV ratio — everything is being done automatically. For instance, if you have 4237.70 USDT on your LendaBit.com account wallet, you are eligible to withdraw any amount in the equivalent of 2118.85 USDT (either one time withdrawal or small amounts for multiple use). Simply tap on the “Credit Withdrawal” tab, enter the amount you want to withdraw and your wallet address.

Confirm your withdrawal request and funds will be credited to your wallet shortly.

5. If you wish to increase your credit line limit, you can deposit funds to your account wallet and the limit will be automatically adjusted. Press “Increase Limit.”

Choose the currency, get your wallet address and send funds to the provided wallet address.

6. All relevant information with regard to collateral and credit line history can be conveniently found in the corresponding tabs.

7. To repay the credit line, simply press the “Repay Credit Line” and follow the instructions.