On July, 2018, the LendaBit.com website was first launched with an aim of providing fast and easy-to-use P2P lending and borrowing solutions to all customers worldwide. From this perspective, LendaBit.com is delighted to celebrate its first anniversary – 1 year since the establishment of the platform.

Throughout the entire year, LendaBit.com has been constantly progressing and providing timely and professional customer-oriented services. In particular, unverified users are able to apply for 300 USDT crypto-backed loans to see how all loan arrangements are convenient and transparent, new loan cryptocurrencies are gradually introduced to accommodate the ever-growing customer requirements, ongoing discounts and special offers, just to name a few.

The first step is the hardest in any endeavor. Notwithstanding the 2018-2019 crypto winter, for LendaBit.com it was a productive year of opportunities and development. The company has managed to establish a reputation of a reliable P2P loan service provider and has partnered with leading blockchain-based projects to solidify the Bitcoin legacy and digital transformation.

Considering the festive atmosphere, LendaBit.com has launched a special promo campaign (valid through July 20). Platform users can apply one-time promo code 1YEARLENDABIT while striking a loan deal and pay no system fee! Make it happen!

Besides, after enabling rewarding Affiliate program, the number of platform users and active customers has increased significantly. In fact, by popularizing the LendaBit.com services, users earn passive income with no investments.

Finally, the LendaBit.com team wants to thank all of you for your continued support, enthusiasm and dedication.

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