Eventful 2018 came to its end and P2P lending platform LendaBit would like to inform the audience
about the set goals and achievements evidenced throughout the previous year.

Below are the central cornerstones that the platform attained in the event of its evolvement:

  •  The official launch of fully operational P2P lending platform LendaBit.com in July 2018.
  •  Its legal status is approved and the company stands up for the crypto market’s legalization and
    transparency. The company’s registered office address is:
  •  The platform has duly integrated AML/KYC requirements, which profoundly reduce the risks of
    toxic transactions and suspicious activities on the website.
  •  LendaBit demonstrates strong commitment in maintaining the integrity of its website
    services. All the transactions made by platform users are duly verified and analyzed using Crystal
    blockchain investigative solution (crystalblockchain.com) aimed at prompt identification of high-risk transactions.
  • In October, LendaBit.com partnered with Emercoin, a blockchain platform that supports a wide
    range of distributed trusted business services. And in December, LendaBit started accepting
    its eponymous cryptocurrency Emercoin (EMC) as collateral. In the future, new cryptocurrencies
    will be also made available as collateral currencies and LendaBit.com is always open for
    cooperation and collaboration with other companies to promote the growth and expansion of
    the Bitcoin legacy.
  • The platform’s system has undergone nine updates and its current maintenance release version
    is 1.09.
  • Implementation of most innovative and service-oriented secure platform architecture.
  • Strong cryptography and reliable two-factor authentication.
  • Employment of advanced cybersecurity analytics to detect and remove any malicious codes,
    files, email addresses or websites.
  • Registration and verification procedures on LendaBit are quick and easy-to-follow.
    Registration takes just a few mouse clicks and customer verification and validation may vary
    from a few hours to one day.
  •  As a result of its constant enhancement, LendaBit has recently launched its official blog ꟷ
    LendaBit.com/blog/. The blog includes interactive navigation, with dropdown menus for
    both mobile and desktop versions, multiple graphical representations of the borrowing and
    lending processes, and a detailed and genuinely useful manual to assist in finding necessary
    information in a matter of seconds. Keep updated on the latest news, current events and more!
  •  LendaBit.com regularly offers special discounts and free coupon codes to its clients, thus
    establishing and promoting further cooperation. With a keen eye to lending and borrowing
    efficiencies, stay up-to-date on the latest offers by following the platform’s blog posts on social
    networks, particularly Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Medium or Reddit.
  •  Affiliate Program promoted by LendaBit.com helps its members receive rewards for bringing
    other clients to the platform. Users can get a 20% discount off the system fees paid by affiliates
    whenever they borrow or lend on the P2P platform.
  •  According to system statistics and data, more than 12 000 platform users made 829 deals. It’s not that much in view of the crypto market potential, but LendaBit.com constantly works on system development and promotes highly diversified community, which is open to everyone who wants to lend or borrow funds within the reliable, high-tech and secure P2P services.

To find out more information on further updates and set targets and priorities for 2019, please follow
LendaBit’s official blog posts and check out official channels in social media.