The main mission of P2P lending platform LendaBit is to create a trusted and transparent blockchain-based environment for lenders and borrowers with no redundant bureaucracy and paperwork. In view of its constant development and improvement, the platform is pleased to present its executives and team members.

Marat Kichikov
Managing Partner and CEO at BitFury Capital

Marat Kichikov is an expert entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the fintech industry, banking and consumer lending. After a thorough analysis of the existing crypto market and its opportunities, Marat Kichikov shared his idea of crypto-secured P2P lending with Deniss Moscenko, a versatile professional in startup development, fintech and strategic management. Deniss Moscenko took the plunge to establish new and highly competitive fintech startup LendaBit, which is aimed to become the leader in the P2P lending and employ all the advantages of the crypto industry. Marat Kichikov, being an adept of the Bitcoin ecosystem, digital transformation and adoption of high-tech solutions, saw how promising LendaBit is and made a balanced decision together with other top executives of the BitFury Capital to become the seed investors of the novice startup. For LendaBit, it is a terrific move towards adoption of innovative solutions and implementation of a unique mix of blockchain-based project experience, fintech expertise, and global market intelligence.

Deniss Moscenko
CEO at LendaBit

Deniss Moscenko is unbelievably dedicated to solving company problems using impeccable judgment and critical thinking skills. He is highly proficient in finance, investing, blockchain and risk management. After consultations with Marat Kichikov, Managing Partner and CEO at BitFury Capital, Deniss Moscenko realized that it is a perfect chance to fill the crypto market niche with a focus on P2P lending. Having a team of professional IT engineers, designers, and marketing specialists, he founded blockchain-based P2P lending platform to satisfy the urging needs for reliable, speedy and affordable services both for lenders and borrowers. On the part of Deniss Moscenko, it was the perfect timing for establishing the fintech startup since the crypto market is relatively raw and there are very few competitors. The platform has been designed to remove all unnecessary steps from the lending process and provide more attractive terms for lenders and borrowers. is a useful financial instrument to satisfy the ever-growing client demands and boost business management and productivity.

Agustín Fernández Clemente
Head of Spain at LendaBit

Agustín Fernández Clemente is CEO at Barcelona-based investor group AGNANTE Inversor. Agustín is a serial entrepreneur and accomplished investor who is majorly focused on fintech ventures and ambitious startups. His mission is to create value across diversified asset management, through a balance between profitability and risk, and he perfectly copes with his functional, management and leadership roles. By overseeing future business perspectives and global expansion of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, he further solidified his fintech expertise by joining the team. The P2P lending platform’s advancement strategic priority is Spain, where Agustín will take on leadership of a European branch.’s long-term goals encompass the launch of many new branches all around the globe.

Igor Kovorotny
COO/Product Owner at LendaBit

When it comes to introduction and implementation of new innovative business models for the purposes of profit maximization, Igor Kovorotny’s ability to team up and motivate his colleagues is unrivaled. He is a keen specialist in defining a strong and grounded company vision, marketing budget in accordance with the lean principles, building business plans and setting company priorities. Being COO at is a huge responsibility and Igor Kovorotny does everything possible to effectively manage the business process, utilize the high-tech solutions for the optimization of secure platform architecture and satisfy the growing demand for high quality services.

Alex Maznyi
Project Manager at LendaBit

Starting from the very inception of, Alex Maznyi has become an inseparable team player by strategizing and monitoring the development of the P2P lending platform. He is a result-oriented professional with an unorthodox and global vision who is capable of setting long-term goals and achieve the planned outcome. Alex Maznyi has been in the finance management and risk assessment for about 10 years and he perfectly knows that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will eventually drive out the old-fashioned financial institutions and bureaucracy. P2P crypto lending is a new way of business management with no intermediaries, geographical barriers but instead with global access to credits, affordable lines of credits, transparency and excellent customer services.

The whole team operates as a single entity and constantly works on the introduction and implementation of new solutions to satisfy the ever-growing needs of customers. is at the forefront of digitalization and secure lending services and never stops at the achieved results.

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