LendaBit.com is excited to announce the introduction of new features and enhancements. The platform has been updated to version 1.09!
Now the platform users have the possibility to take advantages of the following system upgrades:

  1. Implementation of advanced anti-hacking software that constantly monitors and prevents any malicious activities or suspicious actions.
  2. Optimization of usability and page design on mobile phones.
  3. Installation of mobile filtering software featuring easy and fast search for loan offers or requests. No matter how the customer choose to use the filters, LendaBit.com presents everything you need for effective mobile usage!
  4. The system architecture is ready for the introduction of the EMC cryptocurrency. Very soon, our customers will be able to take loans in ETH as well as use it as collateral.

The LendaBit.com team is always ready to help you along the way. The platform is dedicated to providing leading solutions and services to help customers achieve success.