Greetings to the constantly growing LendaBit community!
Online P2P lending platform LendaBit is pleased to report on the latest updates and 1.12 release!
These are the main and most important maintenance updates:

1) To make lending/borrowing more understandable and easy-to-use to all platform members, the
OneClickHelp icon has been integrated into the personal area pages. OneClickHelp redirects the
user to the official blog page, thus it is possible to familiarize yourself with any
specific question and find the necessary answer in the FAQ section.

2) Loan Pool user interface design has been made more accessible and interactive. Now users can
boost the borrowing/lending processes on the P2P platform and take advantage of the
improved website functionality.

3) Addition of new filters in the Loan Deals makes the search for the best option faster and more

4) Different types of programming bugs that create errors with mobile system performance have
been found and duly fixed. After successful bug fixing and effective problem resolution, the use
of the services is extra convenient and super-fast!

There are many new features are planned to be adopted in the near future. Follow our latest news and
keep pace with the rapid changes in the crypto market.

All the best,

LendaBit Team