Exciting New Announcement!

In light of recent partnership with Emercoin, a blockchain platform that supports a wide range of distributed trusted business services, P2P crypto lending fintech startup LendaBit.com officially announces that now the Emercoin cryptocurrency (EMC) is accepted for crypto collateral.

Emercoin, founded back in 2013, is famous for its exclusive reliability, transparency, robustness, user-friendly Decentralized Software Development Kits (dSDKs) and secure data storage. Having partnered with Emercoin, LendaBit.com is able to offer services that can change the way different industries operate, thus providing a useful and powerful financial instrument for customers.

Over the past few months, the LendaBit.com community and Emercoin have been profoundly collaborating to establish close business relations and promote global digitalization.

The two companies are very complementary and share a passion for secure and innovative solutions in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain.

EMC is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency, which is highly stable and versatile due to groundbreaking data organization system that allows to utilize valuable information without immense amounts of storage space and complicated coding languages. Now it is made available to borrow USDT loans on LendaBit.com that can be collaterized with BTC or EMC.

LendaBit.com is pleased to leverage cooperation with Emercoin ꟷ a widely recognized platform for its advanced security, smart code and diverse distributed services.

More detailed information about LendaBit.com and future updates can be found at www.lendabit.com.