LendaBit.com – The Platform for Ultimate P2P Solutions

LendaBit.com is a fintech startup that connects crypto holders in a blockchain-backed trustless environment. The platform allows borrowers to get USDT loans from lenders against their crypto collateral.

LendaBit.com employs strong cryptographic tools and its own IT professionals to ensure the highest level of safety and technological innovation. The company strives to provide the best financial solutions to its users.

The Needs of Lenders and Borrowers

Lenders and borrowers have simple needs.
Borrowers are crypto holders who need fiat, but do not want to sell their crypto. They may need fiat to buy real estate, boats, cars or even more crypto.

Lenders are crypto holders who want to make passive income from their crypto assets. Their main concern is the platform’s security and reliability.
Both lenders and borrowers want to avoid fees, bureaucracy and paperwork.

Safe and Easy P2P Lending on LendaBit.com

P2P lending platforms are no longer a new phenomenon. Many people use them regularly to get loans faster and easier than with banks. However, there have always been two problems haunting the industry: insufficient trust and liquidity.

LendaBit.com solved both of these problems. First of all, the platform operates on a blockchain ledger, which is remarkable for its transparency, security and immutability. Secondly, LendaBit.com recruited top IT experts and struck partnerships with industry leaders such as Bitfury to strengthen and promote its systems.

Due to these factors, LendaBit.com has enjoyed high liquidity since the very beginning. The platform continues to grow and improve, consistently offering the optimal crypto loan solutions to its clients.

The Launch of Successful P2P Platform

Marat Kichikov was the first to envision LendaBit.com business model. Deniss Moscenko supported the idea and united the team of experts in finance, cryptocurrencies, trading and risk management to develop a unique solution that would forever change the P2P lending industry.

LendaBit.com is an online platform where borrowers can obtain USDT loans against their crypto collateral directly from lenders. As a result, the transacting parties can sidestep bureaucratic procedures as well as geographical constraints.

There are three options available for lenders and borrowers:

  • Lending to or borrowing from loan pool.
  • Making your own loan offer/request.
  • Accepting the existing loan offer/request.

The platform is fully operational, with over 10,000 customers already registered. It is currently in a beta launch phase.

LendaBit.com has been working towards becoming more transparent. For example, the company is now officially registered as a legal entity in Hong Kong.

The platform plans to expand its services by introducing Ethereum-based smart contracts as well as fiat loans for its clients.

Become a part of LendaBit.com success and discover the first-mover advantage!