LendaBit.com is pleased to announce that the platform has been updated to the latest version 1.10. The team of professional web developers and designers implemented the following improvements in the system:

1) Enhanced layered navigation extension to let all customers and website visitors browse the platform services in the most comfortable way.

2) Mobile optimization of usability, site structure, page speed and many more. IT professionals managed to perfectly balance simplicity and sophistication, thus creating a responsive and classy design.

3) Visitors can take a brief look at top management team of the P2P lending platform, where they can read brief descriptions and access LinkedIn profiles for more background information.

4) Further enhancement of product feature filtering, particularly Lending Dashboard has been made clearer and user-friendly to make the lending process more effective and time-saving.

With its advanced interface and next-generation website configuration, LendaBit.com is always ready to provide efficient services to help customers achieve success and get more from life.

All the best,

LendaBit.com Team