Throughout all the stages of corporate development, has made a quantum leap in website optimization and service delivery. In view of recent’s 1-year anniversary, below you will find a detailed description of quintessential results and achievements accomplished over the course of one year since the launch of the platform:

  1. All beta testing stages were completed as scheduled and now the platform is for general availability with all core features tested, improved and enabled;
  2. Loan Wizard rolled out. Now all platform users are able to conveniently use the borrowing option for fast loans. Only 5 clicks — and you have your loan solution to cover your needs!
  3. Due to growing consumer demand and proven reliability, ETH was added as a loan/collateral currency. Ethereum allows for the records of cryptocurrency transactions to be created more quickly than Bitcoin. This efficiency facilitates quicker transactions;
  4. LTV ratio – transition from automatic to personally adjustable (50%, 60%, 70% or 80%). More freedom for crypto portfolio diversification and effective risk management;
  5. Effective implementation of AML/KYC procedures, where registered platform users are able to decide what loan amount they want to borrow or lend. Common email confirmation – 300 USDT, identity verification – 5000 USDT, proof of address – 200 000 USDT;
  6. 300 USDT loans for unverified platform users;
  7. Non-stop website’s usability improvements (both for mobile and desktop versions), release updates and upgrades.
  8. Flexible and high-paying Affiliate program, where any platform user can attract new customers and get monetary rewards to their wallets;
  9. All transactions are verified and analyzed by This analytics enhances due diligence and AML compliance procedures;
  10. High security level and system enhancements to prevent any cyber-attacks, which is coupled with the system of effective DDos-attack deflection regardless of its complexity.
  11. Broad media involvement – active Facebook and Twitter social networking, informative blog posts, conference participation, ongoing promo campaigns (discounts, coupons, special offers).

Summarily, as an appreciation of continued support and commitment, all registered users can freely apply one-time only promo code 1YEARLENDABIT for loan arrangements (Loan Request/Loan Offer page) and get 100% discount on system fee. That is a golden opportunity you cannot miss! But do not waste precious time – promo code is valid through 20.07.2019. makes wonders happen!