Most people would agree that technology is changing the way we live, learn and work. Due to the total
expansion of digital revolution and its flamboyant benefits to the humanity, everything is automated
and speeded up. Digitalization is unavoidable and artificial intelligence (AI) profoundly facilitates further
evolvement of innovative technologies.

Primarily, let’s decipher the acronym ELAINNE. ELAINNE stands for Extensively Learning Artificial
Intelligence with Neural Network Efficiency. At, ELAINNE functions as a powerful and
exciting artificial intelligence tool implemented with an aim to solve and analyze the majority of
decisions and risks. The employed AI solution is primarily based on mathematics, computer science and
statistics. ELAINNE was designed by a team of professional computer engineers at LendaBit to
address different automation processes and planning with ease.

More specifically, ELAINNE is highly complex composite functions providing the ability of computing
non-linear relationships between inputs and outputs in parallel. As such, ELAINNE fulfills the following
main tasks:
• Being the client’s personal adviser, ELAINNE sends e-mails emphasizing the best solutions and
• Being the client’s personal security, ELAINNE prevents users from striking unprofitable deals.
• Being the client’s personal analyst, ELAINNE analyzes all deals and provides all platform
members with the necessary feedback.
• Being the client’s personal assistant, ELAINNE controls the correct LTV level. If something goes
wrong, the client will be notified in a timely manner.

Architecturally, ELAINNE searches the optimal solution to the problem being solved. It encompasses
determining the best values for all of the tunable model parameters together with algorithm tuning
parameters. The desired results are achieved through optimization techniques developed to solve the
intended problem with high performance.

Therefore, armed with an arsenal of innovative and advanced programming tools, and especially
ELAINNE, LendaBit strives to make the lending process for all platform users maximally transparent,
easy-to-follow, straightforward and decentralized. never stops at the achieved results and
moves forward to make its customers feel satisfied.