Borrower’s System Fee Reduction

Dear Customers, P2P lending platform is always at the forefront of fintech innovations and strives to make the lending process easy, straightforward and unbiased for all platform members. Considering the fact that more and more people start using the services, the platform made…

Meet Your Personal Assistant ꟷ ELAINNE

Most people would agree that technology is changing the way we live, learn and work. Due to the total expansion of digital revolution and its flamboyant benefits to the humanity, everything is automated and speeded up. Digitalization is unavoidable and artificial intelligence (AI) profoundly facilitates… 2018 Results and Analysis

Eventful 2018 came to its end and P2P lending platform LendaBit would like to inform the audience about the set goals and achievements evidenced throughout the previous year. Below are the central cornerstones that the platform attained in the event of its evolvement:  The official… Platform Has Been Updated To Version 1.10 is pleased to announce that the platform has been updated to the latest version 1.10. The team of professional web developers and designers implemented the following improvements in the system: 1) Enhanced layered navigation extension to let all customers and website visitors browse the platform services in… Executive Team Overview

The main mission of P2P lending platform LendaBit is to create a trusted and transparent blockchain-based environment for lenders and borrowers with no redundant bureaucracy and paperwork. In view of its constant development and improvement, the platform is pleased to present its executives and team… Now Accepts EMC Cryptocurrency for Collateral

Exciting New Announcement! In light of recent partnership with Emercoin, a blockchain platform that supports a wide range of distributed trusted business services, P2P crypto lending fintech startup officially announces that now the Emercoin cryptocurrency (EMC) is accepted for crypto collateral. Emercoin, founded back…