Verification Stages at Step-by-Step Manual

This is a brief explanation on verification stages and corresponding loan/withdrawal limits for all platform users. Stage 1. Email Confirmation After creating an account on, it is mandatory to confirm your registration and activate your account. You will receive a confirmation message sent… Releases New System Update – Version 1.17

At, you deserve the latest and greatest! Constant system updating provides enhanced usability, new features, speed and user-friendly site navigation. Below are the main and latest system updates of version 1.17. Added new loan/withdrawal limits in the “Verification” section: a) After email address verification… System Update to Latest Version 1.16

It is finally here! aims to provide its users with the most flexible P2P lending platform and never stops updating its system functionality. In essence, below are the main system updates: Improvements that bring greater consistency to the iconography, color pallets and user experience… at BlockchainUA Conference – Photo Report is extremely pleased to report on a successful and informative participation in the 6th Annual International Conference BlockchainUA held in Kiev, Ukraine on March 22, 2019, which brought together the strongest blockchain community in the world. The BlockchainUA Conference was literally a forum for…