This blog article features an intentionally changed name of a LendaBit.com registered user to preserve the customer confidentiality. Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental. The information provided herein is general and intended to better inform readers of online P2P lending services and current crypto market tendencies.

 Below you will find an informative and noteworthy storyline, where freshman crypto trader John reasonably and timely maintained the momentum by using online LendaBit.com P2P lending services and gained profit!

This is the case in point how a well-thought strategy works.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the crypto market tendencies, analytical articles and overall statistic evaluation, John managed to anticipate that Bitcoin and altcoins would resume bullish trend and start increase in price. Besides, John is a risk-taker when it comes to hard decisions and price fluctuations, but his circulation of capital was rather limited at the time (1 BTC of available capital). What he did is a perfect illustration of timely decision-making and advanced goal-setting.

On April 13, John applied for a crypto-backed loan in the amount 3570 USDT for 1 month at LendaBit.com, pledging his 1 BTC as collateral. It is noteworthy that prior to that, John had read a comprehensive LendaBit.com article about initial LTV ratio adjustments, explaining that all platform users are able to personally set the preferred LTV ratio from 50% to 80%, accordingly. It was precisely the make-or-break time for maximizing profits. He established his desired LTV ratio at 70% (high level). As such, he received his loan in the amount that is 70% from the cost of pledged collateral at the time of striking the loan deal, namely 3570 USDT.

John is absolutely adamant that Bitcoin is here to revolutionize the financial domain and its price is subject to exponential growth. Considering the situation of considerable Bitcoin domination, John had no doubts that his employed strategy was indeed cost-effective and pragmatic.

April 13 – loan received.

May 13 – loan repaid.

His loan expenses were as follows:

  • Borrower’s System Fee equaled 1% from the loan amount (3570 USDT x 0.01% = 35.7 USDT);
  • Withdrawal fee – 5 USDT;
  • Monthly interest rate is calculated by the formula: 3570 USDT x 8% x 30 days/365 days = 23.47 USDT.

Total loan expenses = 64.2 USDT.

His crypto loan was used for purchasing 0.7 BTC at the price 5100 USDT (as of April 13).

As of May 13, John repaid the loan (principal loan amount 3570 USDT) and covered the loan expenses (64.2 USDT). All in all, it amounted to 3634.2 USDT.

John sold his 0.7 BTC (timely purchased the desired assets for the crypto loan at LendaBit.com) at the price 7000 USDT per 1 BTC and earned 4900 USDT. Just like that!

Summarily, John’s net income for 1 month made up:

4900 USDT – 3634.2 USDT = 1265.8 USDT.

And he regained his 1 BTC as stipulated!

That was the true story of John and his experience with LendaBit.com crypto loan arrangements. And it is a perfect illustrative case when John turned his strategy and plans into actions in order to gain profit.

Curious about John’s further loan deals at LendaBit.com? How will he earn revenue on Bitcoin skyrocketing? And haven’t you decided on your crypto loan application yet? Use BTC as collateral and prioritize your financial stability! Now is the time to use this excellent opportunity when BTC liquidity hits new records!