The team strives to make the use of the platform as smooth as possible, hence our IT professionals repeatedly implement and release new system updates. The latest updated version 1.18 includes the following improved changes:

  1. Accommodated LTV level. Now the LTV level limits are increased to let both lenders and borrowers personally decide and adjust the most appropriate and acceptable % ratio. Crypto loans are now more accessible than ever before! Borrowers can Make a Loan Request and lenders Make a Loan Offer and set the LTV level upon their preference, namely:
    • Low – 50%
    • Middle – 60%
    • High – 70%
    • Critical – 80%
  2. Accordingly, Margin Call LTV has been adjusted to 85%, thus borrowers can apply for loans with less collateral, and Collateral Transfer LTV equals 95% in order to boost the lending/borrowing processes.
  3. Improved functional user interface, which is now more uniform throughout the website. Platform users can experience faster load times for their requests. Color pallets and some of the icons have been redesigned and improved, yet they are easily located and clickable.

As usual, stay tuned for the newest system updates and extension deployed on the platform.