Instant Credit Lines 0% Interest Rate During 45 Days!

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How to Use Credit Line?

Step 2

Deposit Collateral

  • Credit Line limit is automatically adjusted.
  • Instant withdrawal of funds is available.
  • No-interest rate during 45 days!
Step 3

Timely Loan Repayment

  • Affordable and competitive interest rates.
  • Fast deposits and advanced security.
  • 2 years Credit Line lifecycle.

Major Advantages of Using

  • BitGo Wallet Services
    BitGo eliminates risks and increases transparency by providing the most secure and compliant custodial and liquidity solutions.
  • Transparent & Worldwide
    Increased transparency and global access to P2P lending services provided by blockchain and smart contracts.
  • Innovative P2P Solutions
    Multiple and easy-to-use lending and borrowing options with a primary focus on accessibility and intuitiveness.
  • OWASP Compliance
    Platform based on the best practices and recommendations from the recognized experts, notable models and OWASP guidance.
  • Crystal Blockchain Tools
    All transactions are verified and analyzed by analytical tool
  • Advanced Security System
    Intrusion detection and prevention tools, system monitoring, multiple levels of protection to make successive attacks highly improbable.

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