Instant Smart Loans
Up to 200 000 USDT
Secured by Crypto

  1. Do not sell Bitcoin. Save it and use as collateral for a loan!
  2. Bitcoin, Ether or Tether as collateral currency.
  3. No credit scoring, no hidden fees, lowest interest rate.

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Blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto lending platform realizes its framework aimed at elimination of any barriers faced by participants of the financial marketplace.

Blockchain technology Synergy of blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts makes the lending process easy, transparent, secure and user-friendly
No hidden fees Easy and global access to credit with no hidden fees
Set terms Borrowers and lenders directly work with each other and set terms
Fully protected All client data and transactions are fully protected by the next-generation security tools
Secured by crypto All lendings are secured by crypto collateral

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